Winter Moving: The Best Time to Move

With an average high of 57 and an average low of 30, Dallas is a great place to be during the winter. These conditions are the best ones to move in. They ensure a smooth move as well as a comfortable one. The movers will be thankful that they wear clothes that are comfortable and that the summer heat isn’t cooking them.

The other benefit to moving in the winter is that you miss the ‘moving season’ craze. Most people with families want to move in the summer because the kids are out of school, and they have a little more free time. This creates the phenomenon known as ‘moving season’ which is the perceived best time to move.

However, in our experience having several people wearing protective clothing and moving heavy boxes in the extreme Dallas heat, is bad for health. You want to look for a brisk climate that is manageable, not conditions that are treatable.

Finally, the winter move offers unique moments for people who don’t have children. They can maneuver their way through negotiations much better for homes. Most salespeople in September are trying to close out the quarter with high numbers and are willing to work for deals that are more favorable to use to ensure the close.

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