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Piano Movers Dallas

Moving from location to location is tough. You have to gather all of your things and send them to the new place of duty. You have to oversee a bunch of people and travel to unknown territory. If you are moving to more than one person, you have to organize

schedules and have all of the problems answered. However, when you need to move a piano, that is an entirely different issue, especially when you are in Dallas. Luckily there is an answer to knding Piano Movers. Dallas meet Busy Bee TX Movers.

When you hire our piano movers in Dallas, we are handling your belongings responsibly, quickly, and accessible.

Responsibly – We want you to know that we do everything in our power to make sure that the piano is escorted safely. We package the piano and keep it as one solid unit; we add padding to areas that are at risk of bumps and collisions. Then we always make sure that we have enough movers to ensure that the package is adequately supported.

Quickly – Our primary focus is teamwork. We make sure that we can all work together efkciently and in a manner

that supports each other. We do not want to push any of our movers too hard or too weakly. Because of this, we have the fastest moving service in Texas due to our cooperation and communication.

Accessible – We want you to know that moving this piano is easy to do.

This gives you the ability to be as

accurate as you want when you are telling us where to place it. If you have a place in mind, and it just isn’t working, let us know, we can move it quickly and accessibly.

Busy Bees TX Movers

Busy Bees TX Movers has been moving for a long time for good reason. We work harder than our competitor, and we are always open for communication. We encourage every client to leave a review or e-mail with feedback. We are always improving and getting better and only seek to provide the best moving services in the nation. Give us a call today at (214) 802-0866 , to learn more today!

Piano Moving

Handling Pianos with Care

Pianos aren’t like other items in your home, and they’re not like other instruments you might find in the studio. Some grand pianos are upwards of 6 feet in length, and they can weigh as much as 1200 pounds. With removable legs and a wide variety of priceless mechanical components, pianos need to be handled with care. Failing to do so won’t just compromise the piano, but it could even compromise the integrity of your floors, hallways, and other surfaces.

Needless to say, these heavy-duty and valuable acoustic instruments require the attention of professional movers. It isn’t enough for a team of movers to be strong—they also need to know how to specifically handle pianos. That is where the professional piano movers at our moving company come in.

Promising quick turnarounds and the hardest working moving crew in the community, we are here for you. Let us be the ones to move your piano to your new location.

Step by Step Piano Moving

Pianos come in all shapes and sizes. Some electric pianos are heavy but may not be as large as other acoustic pianos. Over the years, we have had experience moving pianos of all varieties, including:

  • Grand pianos
  • Upright pianos
  • Electric pianos
  • And more
Piano Moving

Every type of piano comes with a variety of moving considerations. Electric and grand pianos, for example, may have detachable legs and pedals. The first thing we will do during the moving process is detach these legs and safely pack them with adequate padding. After that, we will wrap and pad the grand piano’s housing, case, and lid to ensure it remains scratch-free.

After that, the piano moving process unfolds much like a standard move—but with greater caution and care. Relying on dollies, numerous skilled movers, and whatever equipment seems necessary, we will transport your piano with ease.

Your Full-Service Movers

We promise start-to-finish excellence when you request our services. We don’t just start working for you when we arrive on site—we start working for you the second we get your first phone call. We’ll make sure every aspect of the process goes as smoothly as can be—from the scheduling to the billing.

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Don’t judge a mover by how they carry the small boxes and reading lamps. Judge them by how they move your pianos. One look at our approach to piano moving and you will know that we’re the ones to rely on and recommend to others.

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