How to avoid being Scammed During a Move

Nov 14, 2017

Avoiding Shady Movers

Some unscrupulous moving companies are simply out to take as much money as possible from the customer. Cutting corners wherever they can, employing one of these operators can have serious financial implications.

Questions to ask to Avoid

What process do you have to follow in the event of something being broken or missing

Little accidents happen, and things do get lost or misplaced along the way. Where does that leave you? Keep in mind, however, that the company cannot be held responsible if something you packed in a poor manner should break.

How big is the deposit required beforehand?

If a large deposit is required an upfront, it means you have less leverage in case if any disputes or dissatisfaction with delivery. In some cases, moving companies demand upfront payment in full, which passes all of the risks on to the customer. In cases such as these, it can be extremely difficult to resolve disputes if the mover fails to adhere to the contract stipulations.

Can they guarantee that they will collect and deliver on the agreed dates?

While the delivery date might not be a problem, the collection date could be crucial if the next occupant needs to move in immediately. If the mover is a day late, it can cause serious complications not only for yourself but also for the new occupant.

Ask about their methods for packing and handling items which require additional care, such as mirrors, glass top tables, musical instruments, larger fragile ornaments, etc.

Will your belongings be transported along with the belongings of someone else?

In the case of smaller loads, many moving companies combine loads on the same route to reduce their costs and their quotes. Unfortunately, it adds an element of risk for items going missing, as well as an additional risk of damage to your belongings during loading and unloading of the additional cargo.

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